Do Unto Others

Greetings Loves,

On this beautiful Sunday morning, I come to you abundantly blessed and grateful to see another day. God didn’t have to bless us with another day but He did. There are many who didn’t wake this morning and we did, so we should be graciously thankful.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Such a strong yet convicting statement. We tend to all too soon forget the loving and meaningful things people do for us. Whether it’s our family or friends when we are no longer in need. I try to live by the mere thought of giving people their flowers while they are still present on this earth, once they are gone they can’t enjoy them.

I would like to challenge everyone who lays eyes on this post to go back in remembrance and think of those who have been there for you in your time of need. A simple thank you, a card or flowers (while they can enjoy them) would be such a kind gesture. If in your low valley in life, if someone took the time to care for you in their actions or words take the time to thank them. One thing is for certain, you never know when you may need someone again. Don’t burn a bridge to an island once you get over to the other side…at some point you will have to cross back over. Be great, be blessed and be gracious. Remember my Loves….Great is in YOU!

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