You Never Know What A Difference You Are Making

Greetings Loves,

Today, I am grateful and appreciative for my SF (Sister Friend) Aikisha Holly and Stacey Lee. I just started this blog because God lead me to, to motivate, encourage, uplift, enlighten and push those who need it daily and even those who need it sometime. Today is my first post of the day, although I normally try to post earlier in the day, so you will have encouragement in the morning to carry you throughout the day. To be able to take a encouraging word to reflect upon if and when a trial presents itself.

While out and about I receive a notification that my SF Aikisha posted this blog, Great Is In Me, on her Instagram. I started thinking, I haven’t posted today in panic! Not seconds later I receive a text message from my SF Stacey saying, “Where is the good word for today Ma’am?” This lets me know that I need to get it together.

I want to bring this point to you, you never know in what capacity or aspect of someone’s life you are touching daily. ┬áBy simply sending out daily motivation or someone may just be watching you from a far and the way you live can be motivating them to live better. I have prayed and asked God to reveal to me what HE wants me to do and motivating others is my passion and my duty. My SF’s, more so Sisters than friends, were there today to remind me of the importance of my passion and duty to you all. I want you all to know that I appreciate each and every one of you taking the time to stop by and read my blog. I am humbly thankful.

To often, we are reminded of failures and mistakes we’ve made in the past. Try not to focus on the past and praise right where you are in the present. The presence of positivity and positive people is so important in life. I am thankful, so thankful because today I was reminded….GREAT IS IN ME!

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