Trust In God

Good Morning Loves,

Today I come with a heavy heart. I know God will not put more on you than you can bear, but this cross is really heavy. I myself even go through things and have to pray to God for strength and to increase my faith. I try to focus on God and not the storm.

I have come to know when you are seeking God wholeheartedly and wanting a closer relationship with Him the devil gets busy. It will seem like everything around you is falling apart but the devil is testing you trying to make you turn from God. I won’t be moved. Yes, it’s hard and you feel like you can’t move another step, can’t pray another word, but that’s when you pray the hardest and seek God even more.

The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. The devil knows when you have great things in store and he will try his best to throw you off the right path. Don’t be moved. Don’t look at what’s going on around you focus on God. God will never leave or forsake us. I’m a believer and I refuse to let the devil steal my joy. Until God opens another door I’m going to praise Him in the hallway.

Today I have to remind myself and remind you that….GREAT IS IN ME AND YOU! I don’t care what it looks like don’t give up! God will give you double for your trouble just keep the faith. Be a blessing and a blessing to others.

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