Never Give Up

Great Morning My Loves,


A fabulous Friday to you. Today I know someone needs to hear this….Don’t Give Up! Where you are right now is only temporary, you may not see clear the way at this point in time but it’s all coming together. No matter how hard the situation is or appears you better keep on pushing through. You will look back on this day and say wow I remember that was my time of gaining my strength. That’s the time where I was under construction now look where I am now….because I didn’t give up. Have the mindset to the world and say it’s going to be hard to stop someone who doesn’t quit. Winners are not those who never fail…but those that even when they fall they refuse to quit.

Life is too short and living with regret makes it even shorter. If life throws you to the wolves come back leading the pack. Have the mentality that whatever life throws at you, you will always have a bat and hit it out of the park….the last swing could win the game. Luke 18:1 says,”Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.” You may fall down 10 times but stand up 11.

Today just know that you have to keep moving, keep pushing and keep the faith. Be abundantly blessed my Loves and a blessing to others. I know you can do this because…..Great Is In You.

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